Shem Creek Park 观鸟



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Mt. Pleasant celebrates opening of Shem Creek Park

A town staffer in a crab suit, a pirate and his parrot and a class of middle school students helped celebrate the opening of the new Shem Creek Park this morning.

Town Council was present to cut the ribbon at the ceremony marking the event.

“Man, what a beautiful day,” said Mayor Bill Swails. “Nothing comes easy but once you finish it, it sure is pretty,” he said.

Council condemned about 43 acres for the park and later settled with the owner for $6 million. Construction of the 2,200 foot boardwalk cost about $2.5 million.

Councilman Paul Gawrych said the situation gave him “goosebumps on goosebumps” because it was so exciting.

“What a jewel,” said Town Councilman Nick Collins.

The park has public restrooms and 35 parking spaces on Coleman Boulevard next to the Shem Creek Bridge. From there, a 10-foot-wide boardwalk slices through marsh to a hummock island, where the boardwalk splits with one leg going to commercial docks and the other to a creekside boardwalk with recreational floating docks. The boardwalk extends to near where the creek flows into Charleston Harbor.

Clay Cable, representing the South Carolina Shrimpers Association, said the commercial docks will help some local shrimpers market their daily catch.

Nearby Moultrie Middle School will use the park as a unique learning and recreational space, said Principal Anna Dassing.

The park is open daily from 5 a.m. to midnight. Overnight mooring of boats, swimming, cooking, fish cleaning and camping are prohibited.