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第一次看到iittala玻璃鸟是在上海飞赫尔辛基的航班刊物上,很小的一张照片,就是那个Red Ibis,感觉很惊艳。后来在乌普萨拉的家居店里第一次看到实物Ippy the Hippie和Cool Joe,晶莹剔透,漂亮!最后在赫尔辛基机场转机时一片眼花缭乱的iittala鸟中徘徊再三买了Penttinen系列的Apple Pie回来。

除了第一张是在乌普萨拉拍的,其他都是在赫尔辛基机场免税店实拍;-) 构图比较随意。


Birds by Toikka 这系列最为丰富,而且有了三十多年制作历史,有几款已经有了点国家名片的感觉了。

For over 35 years, Oiva Toikka has created the Birds collection. His limitless imagination and knowledge of glass has made it possible to create small miracles of life, sought after by collectors globally. Each bird is individually mouth blown and thus unique, a gift that keeps on giving forever.
http://www.iittala.com/web/Iitta … ing_birds_by_toikka

Birds by Vigna 都是很浓重的颜色

A new generation of Birds has been designed by the Italian jewellery designer, Giorgio Vigna. Made from layers of hot glass formed in a mould, the head and the body are created separately and joined while the glass is hot. Vigna’s Birds are sculptural and characterised by a strong symbolic meaning.
http://www.iittala.com/web/Iitta … ting_birds_by_vigna

Birds by Penttinen 这个系列都是比较可爱的造型。

Close to four decades after the first Birds, Iittala presents new colourful pieces by Anu Penttinen. Born 1974 in Helsinki, her work has already received wide media recognition. Birds by Penttinen is playfully inspired by the world of art. The collection includes unique characters with different personalities.
http://www.iittala.com/web/Iitta … _birds_by_penttinen

Birds by Klenell 今年的新系列,也是唯一没能有机会看到实物的一组

The inspiration for the glass birds created by Iittala’s newest glass designer, Swedish Matti Klenell, came from a magpie. These birds are well-known for stealing jewellery and other shiny objects and hiding them in their nests. Klenell wanted to incorporate the same idea of hiding something into his new pieces. The result is an exciting new addition to the Iittala Birds collection.
http://www.iittala.com/web/Iitta … ng_birds_by_klenell

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