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Taken last month in the yard of my office in Woyun Village, Mianzhu.
Winter Wren
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The Winter Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes), also known as the Northern Wren, is a very small bird, a member of the mainly New World wren family Troglodytidae. It is the only one of nearly sixty species in the family that occurs in the Old World; in Anglophone Europe it is commonly known simply as the Wren, and is the originator of the name. It is noteworthy among songbirds both because of its long and complex songs and because it is one of the few passerine species that has a distribution spanning both North America and Eurasia. It is also highly polygynous, an unusual mating system for passerines
It occurs in Europe, a belt of Asia from northern Iran and Afghanistan across to Japan, and North America. It is only migratory in the northern parts of its range.[2]
The scientific name is taken from the Greek word “troglodytes” (from “trogle” a hole, and “dyein” to creep), meaning “cave-dweller”, and refers to its habit of disappearing into cavities or crevices whilst hunting arthropods or to roost. Taxonomy of the genus Troglodytes is currently unresolved, as recent molecular studies have suggested that Cistothorus spp. and Thryorchilus spp. are within the clade currently defined by Troglodytes [3][4]. A study of individuals in an overlap zone between two divergent subspecies of winter wren in North America (Troglodytes troglodytes hiemalis in Eastern North America and Troglodytes troglodytes pacificus in Western North America), which differ substantially in song and genetics, found strong evidence for reproductive isolation and suggested that the pacificus subspecies be promoted to the species level designation of Troglodytes pacificus [5].

雀形目 > 鹪鹩科 > 鹪鹩属
PASSERIFORMES > Troglodytidae > Troglodytes troglodytes
俗名:蒙鸠 巧妇 山蝈蝈儿 桃虫

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