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沙巴在眼前 – 丹绒亚路海滩 Tanjung Aru Beach

在亚庇期间去了两趟丹绒亚路海滩 Tanjung Aru Beach,第一趟纯粹是去看传说中的全球前三绝美落日的,但发现傍晚天空有鹦鹉飞过,第二次就早去了点,果然各种发财  

丹绒亚路海滩挺长,其中有段叫做first beach的海滩旁边有个小公园,各种鸟,各种好鸟,而且不论观鸟还是拍鸟都比神山难度小太多太多。


黑鸣鹃鵙(学名:Lalage nigra)是山椒鸟科鸣鹃鵙属的一种,分布于文莱、印度、印度尼西亚、马来西亚、菲律宾、新加坡和泰国。

https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E … 3%E9%B9%83%E9%B5%99

Zebra dove
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The zebra dove (Geopelia striata) also known as barred ground dove, is a bird of the dove family, Columbidae, native to Southeast Asia. They are small birds with a long tail. They are predominantly brownish-grey in colour with black-and-white barring. They are known for their pleasant soft, staccato cooing calls.



绿皇鸠 Green Imperial Pigeon

本来以为是collared kingfisher,仔细对了图鉴发现这应该是当地比较少见的sacred kingfisher 白眉翡翠

Sacred kingfisher
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The sacred kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus) is a medium-sized woodland kingfisher that occurs in mangroves, woodlands, forests, and river valleys in Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the western Pacific. In New Zealand the species is also known by its Māori name kōtare.
It is called “sacred” for it was said to be a holy bird for Polynesians,who believed it to have control over the waves. Likewise, the local subspecies of collared kingfisher and other kingfishers in the southwestern Pacific were ascribed venerable power over the ocean.


长尾鹦鹉 Long-tailed Parakeet

冠斑犀鸟(Oriental Pied Hornbill)







Blue-naped parrot
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The blue-naped parrot (Tanygnathus lucionensis), also known as the blue-crowned green parrot, Luzon parrot, the Philippine green parrot, and locally known as pikoy, is a parrot found throughout the Philippines.


Asian Glossy Starling 亚洲辉椋鸟 

Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker




Tanjung Aru Beach

Located at the end of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and about 6 kilometres from KK City, this place is closest to the hearts of the locals, and just one visit to the beach will tell you why. Taking its name from the casuarinas or aru trees that fringe the fine sands, this is where one might get a ringside seat to the greatest sunset on earth every evening when the crimson sun dips slowly into the horizon, leaving the vast skies a brilliant red..

Foodstalls serving local food and drinks are open till late at night. Enjoy coconut and sugarcane juice, chicken or beef satay and steamed peanuts and corn, or indulge in a full-course dinner at the seafood restaurant located there.

The Tanjung Aru beach is also home to Shangri-la’s Tanjung Aru Resort, the Kinabalu Golf Club and the Kinabalu Yacht Club.

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